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Quik Cash Pawnshop in Calgary is open About Quik Cash Pawnshop

If you thought all pawnshops were the same – think again. In simply 5 minutes... Quik Cash Pawnshop in Calgary offers quick, convenient and confidential customer service.

Customer Service

Quik Cash Pawnshop represents a completely distinct approach to one of the world's age-old sources for instant cash. We loan money based on the merchandise you bring in, there's no need to endure long applications or credit checks - just fast, friendly service. We're in the business of lending money: so bring us the collateral – we will give you the loan... all in five minutes!

Experience the quick, convenient and confidential way to borrow money. We help you meet your short term cash needs easily without credit checks.

Our Business Philosophy

We appreciate that everyone needs to borrow money.

We satisfy Your needs by offering an honest and mutually agreeable transaction. Your satisfaction translates into customer recommendations, resulting in long term business for us. (We will always try to outbid our competitors). If you're honest and reliable, you'll find us to be completely fair. As we get to know you, your word will count as much as the goods you bring in. As with any other good business, being a good customer offers its own rewards.